The Inner Richmond's Arsicault Bakery, which a couple of years ago was named Bon Appetit's "Bakery of the Year" in part because of its perfect croissants, is expanding for the first time and has just quietly opened a second location in Civic Center, just around the corner from 7th and Market.

Arsicault has taken over a space in the ground floor of the Book Concern Lofts building, which backs up against U.N. Plaza and faces McAllister Street (the address is 87 McAllister), just a hop and a skip from Civic Center BART. As Eater reports, the bakery appears to have just softly opened on Tuesday morning, and was open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. — the same hours that are kept at the original location at 397 Arguello Boulevard.

This is of course terrific news for people who live and work in the vicinity, and for those further downtown, it's not out of the realm of possibility that you can hop off BART or Muni at Civic Center and grab a paradigmatically flaky and tender croissant on the way to work.

Baker Armando Lacayo launched Arsicault in 2015 in tribute to his great-grandparents who ran a bakery called Arsicault Boulangerie in Corbeil-Essonnes in the early 1900s. Croissants and Viennoiseries are clearly in his blood, and Bon Appetit critic Andrew Knowlton couldn't get enough of them when he lauded the bakery in the 2016 Best New Restaurants issue.

An MIT grad with a background in finance, Lacayo told CNBC in 2016, "I am here to share my taste. I like my croissants a certain way and it’s not for everyone. It’s really personal, and that’s the risk."

As it turns out, many, many people like croissants the way Lacayo makes them, so that's good. Also, don't miss the amazing raisin kouign ammans, morning buns, chocolate tarts, chocolate croissants, and to-die-for Valrhona chocolate-chip cookies.

I am terribly sorry if this ruins your new year's diet plans. But you're welcome.