Former color-blocking KPIX meteorologist Roberta Gonzales has been busy since leaving television news behind in 2017, having started her own Pleasanton-based production company, Roberta Gonzales Productions. But today we learn that she has also written a children's book.

Gonzales appeared on a segment of KPIX's morning show "Bay Area Focus" on Monday looking as stylish as ever, and she was there to promote her book, "Marina the Fish with Teal Lips." If nothing else, Roberta always had a thing for color.

She explains that the book has been seven years in the making, and in the plot of the book, this teal-lipped fish Marina ends up in the "Shark Tank" at the SAP Center in San Jose, and there are "a lot of legalities" that a children's book author must deal with before getting one's San Jose Sharks-related merch into the gift store there.

"I'm so happy that my little fish came to life," Gonzales says.

She says she was inspired by her Iron Man training, specifically swimming in Hawaii, where she was often following a specific colorful fish with teal lips. She found herself wondering why the fish was always alone, and she relates the story to her own childhood growing up Hispanic in Barstow, California. "I was able to play with the other kids at school but I wasn't allowed into their homes because of my ethnicity," she explains.

In the story, Marina gets somehow from Hawaii to San Jose where she meets Sharky, the mascot of the San Jose Sharks hockey team.

But here's where it goes a little off the rails: Gonzales envisions this book as the first in a series in which Marina goes around meeting all the mascots in the NHL including "Marina Meets a Duck," "Marina Meets a Canuck," and "Marina Meets a Senator."

Anyway, "Marina the Fish With Teal Lips" can be purchased as a gift set with a plush Marina toy at the SAP Center or online at Roberta's website. The gift set costs $29.29 online.

Gonzales was first rumored to be out at San Francisco's CBS affiliate back in 2012. But she continued on reporting the weather through 2017, at which point she says, per her website, "it became clear to me, it was time to reach for my biggest dream and challenge," which was owning her own production company. She now offers media production services in the Bay Area, and also is apparently producing a weekly "entertainment/travel show."

The only video linked from the YouTube item on her website's nav bar is her reel, however. Please enjoy a segment, at the 2:20 mark, when she rappels down the side of the Grand Hyatt in Union Square.