Say it ain't so, KPIX! Rich Lieberman has word that our favorite meteorologist and color-blocking fashion icon, Roberta Gonzales, is out at CBS 5. And she's going to be replaced (after 16 years!) by some dude in Seattle, Paul Deanno.

Lieberman reports:

This move seems to be, early on, a direct power play by [KPIX news director, Dan Rosenheim], who likes to pick and choose his players. He's good buddies with sports anchor, Dennis O'Donnell, and has pushed hard for fellow weather bud, Brian Hackney. In fact, it was widely rumored that Rosenheim wanted Hackney to do weeknight weather and push Gonzales over to the weekend.

This much is clear. Gonzales, in addition to being a popular personality with Bay Area viewers, is also an active charity participant. Frankly, this move by PIX befuddles me and is sure to draw the ire of many of its core viewers, most notably, women. And yes, of course, men too.

It's so very The Newsroom. Wait, is it so The Newsroom? We have no idea. That show looks terrible. Whenever anything Sorkinian, other than The West Wing, comes on TV, our eyes rip themselves out of their sockets to go hide under the bed. Point being, it's all so very dramatic. And too bad, really. We sure will miss seeing Gonzales each evening. She's the Edina to Dana King's Saffy.