In another year chased by gorgeous couture and fierce faces, we asked seven San Francisco drag queens to share with us their best-loved looks from the past twelve months.

2019 was another banner year for Bay Area drag, the tail end to a decade that saw ups — Juanita MORE!'s 2019 Pride Party raising $115K for the GLBT Historical Society — and downs — Heklina leaving Oasis, flocking south to stay at more time at her Palm Springs home — but, per usual, San Francisco queens turned out jaw-dropping regalia through it all. Styles by one designer, Mr. David, who's dressed etherial icons like Juanita MORE! and Mutha Chucka for decades now, were donned by a number SF drag stars this year, in particular.

From San Francisco’s newest painted lady (Juanita MORE!) to the wildly inventive K-Pop royal herself (Cash Monet), here are seven looks favorited by the SF queens who wore them in 2019.

A glitzy daytime look from Mr. David for Juanita MORE!, which she wore at the 2019 Williams-Sonoma Drag Queen Cook-Off.

Juanita (center) with Mark Leno (r). Courtesy of Fred Rowe Foto, via Juanita MORE!

A seductive, chic ensemble to dawn while doing your weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, adored by Nicki Jizz.

Courtesy of Nicki-Jizz

A traffic-stopping love letter to all things red, a 2019 favorite of Voodonna Black, the dress designed by Mr. David.

Courtesy of Voodonna Black, via Shot In The City Photography

Rain or shine, no weather condition is unfit to throw shade from underneath a pale-blue parasol, a particular look Katya Smirnoff-Skyy loved from this year, designed by Mr. David.

Courtesy of Juanita MORE!

Angel-baby-vibes and secure-the-bage realness, served up by none other than Cash Monet.

Courtesy of Cash Monet, her "angel/cherub look"

Between the sky-high headpiece and the opulence around her neck, it's little wonder why this Pat N' Leather-designed denim look is one of Baby-Shaques Munro's favorites.

Courtesy of Juanita MORE!

Paris Is Burning, but make it fashion — which is exactly what Emperor Terrill Grimes did, dressed in couture by Drew Anthony-Ryan.

Courtesy of Juanita MORE!

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Image: Courtesy of Juanita MORE!