Nearly two months after it supposedly was closing for good after over 20 years in business, Kennedy's Irish Pub and Curry House mysteriously soldiers on in North Beach.

Owner Brahmabuta Swami never actually gave any quotes when the closing was announced on the bar's Facebook page just before Halloween. All that was said was that the bar/restaurant/pool hall/souvenir shop was having "one last blowout!" and telling fans of the bar to come "get one final hug from Brahma."

But now Eater reports that the bar remains open — a phone call confirmed that — and it's even promoting a New Year's Eve party on Facebook. There's still no definitive word from Swami what's going on, or if he still intends to close the place down — or if he continues to own the business.

It should be noted that there's a video on that same Facebook page documenting the "last night in business," and then yesterday someone posted a new cover photo featuring women swigging from a bottle on a roof while UFOs hover overhead. And it would appear that it's just "Kennedy's Irish Pub," no more "Curry House" on Facebook — and the "largest dance floor in North Beach" described on the New Year's event page just might be the former restaurant.

As noted earlier, the bar and Indian restaurant at 1040 Columbus Avenue, at the intersection of Francisco, had been in operation since the late 1990s. Originally it only served Guinness and Budweiser, but more recently it expanded its craft beer selection.