An armed robbery Sunday night at a convenience store in Bay Point ended with one of the alleged thieves fatally shot, and the initial unfolding of the robbery — which left a cashier injured — was caught on surveillance video.

As owner Kamal Sandhu told KTVU, two suspects came into Kam's Market on Port Chicago Highway around 11 p.m. Video taken from behind the cashier's counter shows the men, both masking their faces, come into the store without the clerk taking much notice. Then one suspect can be seen coming behind the counter pointing a handgun at the clerk. He approaches quickly, grabs the clerk by the shirt, and pistol-whips him in the head. Audio can be heard in the video posted by the Chronicle, while the copy of the video below, uploaded to YouTube via KTVU, is silent.

What happens next is confusing, but it's made clearer in the version with audio. The suspect begins taking cash out of the till and putting it in a yellow container he finds behind the counter. The clerk, holding his head, begins to rise from a prone position, and seems to take an opportunity in which the suspect is distracted to open a drawer and pull out of a handgun of his own. The suspect sees this, tries to knock the clerk back down, the two wrestle in a corner behind the corner, the clerk is hit two more times in the head, and you can hear two shots fired. The suspect runs to the left of the screen. The second suspect can be seen fleeing the store. And then the first suspect, who may have already been shot, runs out as well. The container of cash remains where the suspect dropped it on the floor.

As the Chronicle reports, it's not yet been confirmed who fatally shot the suspect. A second person, who may have just been a Good Samaritan in the market at the time of the robbery, approaches the counter from the back of the store and asks the clerk if he's okay. The man proceeds to come behind the counter, pick up the gun lying on the counter, and he then runs out after the suspects, tucking the gun into the back of his pants.

Sandhu, the store owner, tells KTVU that the clerk did indeed fire the fatal shot, but that the suspect's gun actually went off first, without injuring anyone. The clerk received stitches for his injuries, but is expected to recover fully.

The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office has not provided any information yet, and they say on Twitter that an official statement is still to come.