A second DoorDash driver, this time in Santa Clara, was caught on surveillance video being a porch pirate just moments after handing off a bag of food to a customer.

This incident, just reported to KPIX by the homeowners' association at the building where it occurred, happened on December 7 — one week before a widely reported incident in which a DoorDash driver stole a bunch of packages out of a Berkeley lobby. A camera trained on the entrance of 1777 Lafayette Street in Santa Clara shows the female driver, with a ponytail, hand off a white plastic bag to a resident, and then proceed to check her phone as the resident walks away. Moments later, she can be seen swiping a package from around the corner at the end of the walkway, and exiting down some stairs.

HOA board member Kent Clemenco tells KPIX that residents contacted the food delivery company about the incident and "they really weren’t helpful at all." Unfortunately for SF-based DoorDash's PR team, this is a similar narrative to the Berkeley story: As KTVU reported, after that incident was caught on video on December 14, the company initially tried to deny that the suspect was a driver for the app. Then after they were shown a screenshot of the customer's receipt, they issued a statement saying they had deactivated the driver's account and added "We take the safety of our community extremely seriously and do not tolerate any form of inappropriate behavior."

Santa Clara Police Captain Wahid Kazem calls the December 7 theft disgusting, and says to KPIX, "I’m surprised that society has gotten to this point. That people are that bold and brazen that they would deliver food, knowing that their identity is known to the folks there, and then on the way out help themselves to items that don’t belong to them."

DoorDash has not yet commented on the newly reported incident of an allegedly thieving driver.

Earlier this year, a survey found that 28 percent of drivers for food delivery apps including DoorDash and UberEats admitted to sometimes stealing food out of their customers' orders.

In August of this year, DoorDash acquired rival Caviar for $410 million.