Former NASA engineer Mark Rober made the stuff of viral fame in 2018 with a video describing his elaborate, camera-equipped, DIY glitter bomb that he left out as bait for a package thief in his neighborhood. Now he's back improving on the concept, this time with the help of his childhood hero, Macaulay Culkin.

Rober, who lives in Sunnyvale, tells Macaulay that Home Alone was the inspiration for satisfying vengeful — and silly — prank on package thieves. This year's model also features four motion-activated cameras with wide-angle lenses to capture the moment the thieves get glitter-bombed, and the glitter this year is biodegradable. AND the 2.0 device features some improved fart spray, which according to everyone who smells it in the video below is truly, truly vile.

Caught-on-camera porch piracy stories have become a mark of the holiday season in the last few years, along with the rise of Ring doorbells and Nest cameras. And local news stations have been especially prolific in the genre in the last couple of weeks. The Chronicle offered up this piece about the ongoing "scourge," this porch pirate nabbed in a sting in Milpitas, and this story out of Berkeley blowing up about a DoorDash delivery person who grabbed some packages on her way through a building's lobby.

"As far as I'm concerned, relatively harmless karmic justice has never looked so beautiful," Rober says as he shows us slo-mo images of the glitter deployment around the 4:45 mark.

Watch with delight as Rober sends the packages off to frustrated gift-buyers across the country — he took applications this year for people who wanted to lay their own bait — and porch pirates get their due.

Things get wacky around the 11-minute mark when a dude named Cody gets one of the packages shipped to him but refuses to open it or use it for its intended purpose. Rober goes about making his life miserable in the pettiest, and silliest, of ways, including sending him flyers for a furry convention.

These days all Rober does is make YouTube videos, about one a month, and one even landed him on Jimmy Kimmel recently. Follow his channel here.