A gun-loving Republican trans woman originally from Mississippi has declared herself a candidate for Scott Wiener's state senate seat, which comes up for election next year.

Her name is Erin Smith, and just gave her first interview to the Examiner in which she spoke vaguely about wanting to do away with "regulations and rules [that] are straitjacketing San Francisco and California." She refers to the recently announced departures of SF companies Stripe and McKesson, saying she'd be a more pro-business candidate than Wiener.

On her brand new website, Smith writes, "I will fight to enact the needed legislative reform that allows a creative, talented, and forward-thinking population the necessary liberty to not only build a fulfilling life, but to solve problems in a way that respects the desires and relevant issues of the local community."

But otherwise she has not yet established her legislative goals, and she's a newcomer to running for elective office. She's pro-gun, pro-Trump, and I think we can all agree she probably doesn't pose a major threat in deep-blue San Francisco.

The Examiner has also reported that Wiener will be challenged in 2020 by a candidate to his left on the political spectrum, Native American public bank activist Jackie Fielder.

Says Fielder, "I’m running because it think it’s time that we have an outside candidate, especially a woman of color who is openly queer as well, challenge a real estate-backed elected official."

Fielder, 25, has railed against Wiener for being in the pocket of landlords and developers, and she says she would push for a $20 statewide minimum wage, statewide rent control and tenant protections, and single-payer healthcare.

So, you can't get much more San Francisco: the three candidates for the state senate seat are a gay man, a queer woman of color, and a trans woman, and none of them can agree on much.