A cargo van full of dogs who were being transported cross-country was stolen out of a hotel parking lot in Fremont Sunday, and while the van has been found with most of the dogs still inside, owners of the dogs are naturally freaking out.

Julie Bingham, the owner of D&J's Pet Transport and Webster, Florida-based breeding operation Bingham's Bulldogs, tells ABC 7 that she was on the second leg of a trip that began in Florida, transporting over two dozen dogs — many of them apparently puppies — to owners around the country. Bingham says she had just dropped off a dog in Sunnyvale on Sunday night, and she had gotten tired so she stopped off at an Extended Stay hotel in Fremont to get some sleep. The dogs were in the locked van with the ventilation running, she says, when the van was stolen between 11 p.m. last night and 3 a.m. this morning.

Bingham further explains that she typically sleeps in the van on these transport trips, some of which take her to Canada, but this time there were too many dogs inside so she decided to get a hotel room for a few hours.

Fremont police reported the van missing on Twitter saying that the keys had been left in the ignition when it was taken. The van was apparently located using its GPS tracker.

Oakland police spotted the van and made a traffic stop Monday morning, and they say they believe the suspect who took the van was driving around attempting to sell the dogs inside. Police believe three dogs may be missing from the original group of 30. Oakland's Animal Services department responded to the scene and took custody of the dogs.

As NBC Bay Area reports, one witness says that the suspect tried to sell him a puppy for $100. According to Bingham's website, her purebred English and French bulldogs typically sell for $2500 to $5500. In addition to transporting puppies to new owners who have purchased them, Bingham provides ground transportation for other peoples' dogs as well, including cross-country.

Owners are understandably angry and distraught, and waiting to find out if their dog is safe. "We're very angry," said Michelle Roman, who purchased a three-month-old bulldog from Bingham, speaking to ABC 7. "I don't have anything too nice to say about it."

Bingham wrote on Facebook after the van was recovered Monday afternoon that "the assholes who stole my van took all the paperwork for the dogs as well," so she's asking everyone who was transporting a dog with her to "email or text me a copy of your dog's health certificate or rabies certificate."

She says she was not yet able to do her own headcount because the Animal Services team still had all the dogs. She adds, "I will update again as soon as I have a visual on every dog I promise I will update as soon as I know."

Update: Oakland police say that two men have been arrested — both the driver suspected of stealing the van, and a second man who allegedly tried to purchase one of the dogs. Authorities are now trying to account for all of the dogs, but three remain missing, as the Chronicle reports.

D&J's Pet Transport is a USDA-licensed transportation company. Bingham uses the Facebook page to update owners about their dogs as she takes cross-country trips, posting things like the photos below, to reassure them.