A second-grade classroom that produced a viral hit rewrite of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" last month was treated to a meet-and-greet with Lizzo before her set at San Jose's SAP Center Thursday night.

The gang from Ms. Dorothy Mallari's class at Los Medanos Elementary School in Pittsburg were invited with their parents to meet Lizzo backstage at last night's Poptopia — a group concert sponsored by radio station 99.7FM. As ABC 7 reports, the kids were excited to meet the singer, and Ms. Mallari was excited to be able to thank her too.

"[I was] Wanting to go up to her and look her in her eyes and say, 'Thank you, thank you. You don't know how many of us are watching you.' And these kids, how much she's having an impact on them," says Mallari.

Mallari created the rewrite of the song, which begins with the decidedly more adult phrase, "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch," and changed it to "I just took an ELA test and turns out I'm 100% that smart." She used the song as an anthem of empowerment to start the day with her second-graders, and video of them singing along after they learned it went viral after the school posted it on Facebook.

The kids and the video ended up being featured on Good Morning America last month, and Lizzo gave them a shout-out via video then. But this time around she got to say hello in person. The kids also delivered fan mail that they wrote in the form of illustrated cards.

It's not yet clear if the kids stayed up past their bedtime for the actual concert, but one has to guess that they've already heard the real lyrics by now.

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