Video went viral this week of a Pittsburg second-grade teacher's classroom where the students learned a version of Lizzo's self-empowerment anthem "Truth Hurts" with rewritten lyrics to inspire their schoolwork. And the story got picked up Friday by ABC's Good Morning America.

The kids had to get up before 4 a.m. today to appear in their classroom on a live feed for the New York-based morning show. But they were treated to a special shout-out from Lizzo herself, who earlier tweeted that their performance was the best thing she'd seen all day.

The song rewrite is the work of teacher Dorothy Mallari, who took Lizzo's lyric "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that bitch," and changed it to "I just took an ELA test and turns out I'm 100% that smart." Mallari tells ABC 7, of the kids' viral and now national television fame, "I always tell them that they are famous but when I say that it is like just their parents watching their videos. So we pulled down a map yesterday and I was explaining to them who is watching these videos and I got overwhelmed. I was like Oh My Goodness. This is big." The video has been viewed on Facebook over a half million times.

Mallari says that she heard the song for the first time over the summer and said "It's my jam." But she knew the actual lyrics weren't appropriate for second-graders.

The kids now sing the rewritten song every morning to get pumped for school and kick off the day with positive energy, Mallari says. Second grader Hayden Wiebe earlier told ABC 7, "It makes me feel happy in the morning and makes us feel loved."

Here's the original Facebook video below, posted by the Pittsburg Unified School District with the message, "Ms. Mallari uses a Lizzo song to teach her students to be GREAT."