The forecast is calling for rain, rain, and more rain, now and forever.

"We needed it!" That's what everyone is saying. And of course, yes. Let's put an end to this fire nonsense for another 10 months. But after today's reprieve, we all need to settle in for a long week of rain every day starting on Saturday.

Open your Weather app (if you have an iPhone) and see for yourself.

As the Bay Area's bureau of the National Weather Service tells us, strong winds and heavy rains are due by Saturday afternoon with one of those "atmospheric rivers" header our way. It's the first in a series of storms that will cover most of the week, with a break only possible on Wednesday, as the Chronicle reports. Another storm hits Thursday and will keep dumping on us through next Saturday.

Drew Peterson, a NWS meteorologist, tells the Chronicle that "For the average person, it's going to seem like it's raining all the time."

San Francisco and Oakland are expected to see two inches of rain over the next seven days. And there's a flood watch in effect for fire-scorched parts of Sonoma County starting at 1 a.m. Saturday, with three to four inches of rain expected up there.

Up in Tahoe, where some spots have gotten up to three feet of fresh snow in recent days, another foot or two is likely to fall.

So, while a few weeks ago people were nervous that fire season would extend into December, the wetness has finally arrived.

Here's hoping it continues, at least through February, but not like El Nino style and with plenty of sunny breaks in between.