Popular San Francisco destination Tartine Bakery has had a little bit of a bad run-in with the city's Department of Public Health, and as of Friday the place is closed.

Tartine head baker and co-owner Chad Robertson confirmed the closure with the Chronicle, blaming the age of the building, and saying that this was not the first time the business had to address a vermin infestation.  "We’ve had to do this many times over the years," Robertson tells the Chron.

Still, it's always significant when the Health Department forces a business to close, let alone one that draws daily lines and has come define the world of San Francisco bread.

The 17-year-old bakery-cafe hopes to reopen quickly, but the reopening date remains to be seen. As SFGate reports, the business had been dinged by inspectors on November 19, and they were given three days to rectify the problem. But as of Friday, health inspectors said there was still as "severe mice infestation" on the premises.

The inspection reported issues with the temperature of a refrigerator, and said that the floor in the space was made of "aggregate and in disrepair." Tartine reps have said the bakery will be back open as of Monday.

Photo: Carl Collins/Wikimedia