At a Friday press conference, Contra Costa County Sheriff David Livingston described the crime scene at the Orinda Airbnb on Halloween night as "a bloodbath" and like nothing he'd ever seen in his 32 years in law enforcement.

The presser followed a day in which five suspects were arrested in multiple Bay Area cities, at least two of whom allegedly arrived to the party armed. As the Chronicle reports, two of the five victims in the shooting, 23-year-old Raymon Hill Jr. of San Francisco and 29-year-old Javlin County of Marin City, were found to be armed as well, and it remains unclear who shot who. Hill was associated with the Page Street Mob and had recently been paroled after being convicted for a drive-by shooting in Potrero Hill; and County was associated with a gang in Marin City.

Two of the men arrested early Thursday, 20-year-old Jaquez Deshawn Sweeney, and 20-year-old Jason Iles, are from Marin City and potentially also have gang ties, as KTVU reports. Livingston suggested that a gang rivalry between the San Francisco and Marin City gangs was likely at the heart of the conflict that led to the shooting. Someone reportedly was trying to steal something — either from a partygoer or from the house — in the kitchen of the Airbnb, and this led to the shooting breaking out at 10:50 p.m. on October 31.

The other suspects arrested Thursday were Lebraun Tyree Wallace, 28, of San Mateo; and Shamron Joshua Mitchell, 30, of Antioch. A fifth man, 21-year-old Devin Isiah Williamson of Vallejo, was a DJ and the promoter of the party, and he's suspected of being part of a criminal conspiracy in the case. He's being held on $500,000 bond, while the other four men are being held without bail. None of the five have yet been charged by prosecutors.

Livingston explained at the press conference Friday that surveillance footage from the party showed that a man had been hired to work security at the door of the "mansion party," but he was apparently swigging from a bottle of Hennessy throughout the night, and was not frisking partygoers, several of whom walked in with guns in their waistbands.

He added that there is a "staggering amount of crime lab work going on now, including DNA and firearms comparisons," as the Chronicle notes.

Livingston said the public and the media has been unfairly placing blame on the homeowners, law enforcement, and Airbnb in this case. (Orinda police were reportedly distracted with a car theft and over the hill in Oakland when the report of the shooting arrived.)

"The blame rests specifically on the people who brought guns into the party, pulled the trigger and murdered someone," Livingston said. "That's who should have the blame in this case."

The other three victims in the shooting were Tiyon Farley, 22, of Antioch; Omar Taylor, 24, of Pittsburg; and Oshiana Thompkins, 19, of Vallejo and Hercules. Reportedly there was a fight today at a Richmond church where a memorial for Thompkins was being held, though no arrests were made and the nature of the conflict is unclear.

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