An early report is coming in that multiple suspects were arrested Thursday morning at an apartment complex in Marin City on suspicion of their involvement in the October 31 shooting that killed five people at a party in Orinda.

Police activity in the unincorporated town in Marin County adjacent to Sausalito was confirmed by ABC 7, which caught Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department vehicles on the scene of the arrests along side Marin Sheriff's vehicles. The arrests were made in the course of a raid at the apartment complex.

KTVU reports that an unspecified number of arrests happened on the 200 block of Drake Avenue in Marin City. The Chronicle reports that a total of five suspects were arrested.

The five men have now all been publicly identified as Lebraun Tyree Wallace, 28, of San Mateo; Jaquez Deshawn Sweeney, 20, of Marin City; Jason Iles, 20 of Marin City; Shamron Joshua Mitchell, 30, of Antioch; and Devin Isiah Williamson, 21, of Vallejo. Williamson, who is suspected of being an accessory, is being held on a $500,000 bond, and the other four men are being held without bail.

Orinda Mayor Inga Miller tells the Chronicle, "We certainly hope this gives some sense to residents and people around the community that the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office is working hard on this case."

Contra Costa County and Orinda authorities have been investigating the shooting over the last two weeks and interviewing hundreds of witnesses who attended the Halloween party on Lucille Way in Orinda. Last week we heard that police were exploring a possible connection with an almost-five-year-old, gang-related quadruple murder in San Francisco's Hayes Valley — one of the victims in the shooting, Tiyon Farley, is the younger brother of the sole suspect in those killings.

Earlier on Thursday, KRON 4 reported that the house where the Halloween shooting took place had previously been advertised on Airbnb as being available for parties of up to 30 people. That part of the listing was changed after complaints made by Orinda neighbors back in February.

The victims in the shooting, in addition to Farley, were Omar Taylor, 24, of Pittsburg; Ramon Hill Jr., 23, of San Francisco and Oakland; Javin County, 29, of Sausalito and Richmond; and Oshiana Tompkins, 19, of Vallejo and Hercules.

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