• “Break-in vigilantes” are tracking down those responsible for smashing windows and stealing in-car items. A growing number of residents that straddle Lombard Street are calling themselves "break-in vigilantes," chasing down and reporting car break-in criminals to the SFPD, helping to mitigate the number of like-crimes along the famous SF street. [ABC 7]
  • Two people were shot at Jack London Square, early Saturday morning. The two men, a 21 year old and a 23 year old, are were transported to a nearby hospital, each one now in stable condition. [East Bay Times]
  • In order to offset San Francisco's “homeless tax,” PG&E hopes to raise rates across the Bay Area. The company claims that they’ll have to pay “more than $23 million per year,” as a result of the new philanthropic business tax; proposed hiked rates are expected to average around $0.92 per residential customer, which will cobble together another $10m for the utility company, annually. [Chronicle]
  • A 24-year-old bicyclist was killed Thursday evening after colliding with the open door of a parked Toyota Avalon at Fruitvale Avenue in Oakland, which catapulted him into busy traffic. [SF Gate]
  • Microplastics wash-up in the trillions atop Bay Area shores, study finds. [The Guardian]
  • A two-decades-long research study shows climate change and maritime vessels are responsible for bringing numerous invasive species into the San Francisco Bay. [Mercury News]
  • Madonna postpones her much-anticipated Halloween show in SF, moving the date to November 5th. [East Bay Times]
  • These 130-plus-year-old panoramics of San Francisco will make your jaw drop. [SF Gate]

Image: Wikemedia Commons