It’s not exactly an Elizabeth Warren-style multiple-hour line for free selfies, as Joe Biden’s “man of the people” strategy involves rich people, secret locations, and thousand-dollar tickets.  

Cruise control candidate and maybe-possibly Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden has been criticized for skipping standard candidate functions and focusing instead on hobnobbing with One Percent-type private donors. That’s so not true! Why just this past June, Biden made his grand one Bay Area appearance at salt-of-the-earth working class private mansions in Sea Cliff and Los Altos. Now NBC Bay Area reports that Biden is back in the Bay Area today, and his schedule indicates he’s currently in Palo Alto at the ritzy Evvia Estiatorio.

Tickets for that luncheon ran from $1,500-$2,800, as we know, because the Chronicle dug deep to find some of the Biden event locations. (His website merely says “Address provided upon RSVP.”) You can still get tickets to Biden’s appearance later this afternoon at Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Richard Blum’s private pad, and only the $2,800 tickets remain available, as the $1,000 tickets are no longer listed on Biden’s website. There’s also a third Biden event somewhere in the Financial District tonight, according to the Chron, but pricing and location are unknown.

Last we knew, Feinstein lived at a Pacific Heights mansion. It would be a real shame if protesters were to show up and try to disrupt the late afternoon event.  

What’s even odder than Biden’s hands-off campaign schedule is how he’s completely staying on the sidelines of the Ukraine scandal, which so specifically targets him, and has mushroomed into an impeachment inquiry. This seems like an enormous political gift that he should be yelling on television about every night! According to NBC Bay Area, he did at least touch upon it last night at an event in Reno. "Now, let me make something clear to Mr. Trump and his hatchet men and the special interests funding his attacks against me: I'm not going anywhere," he reportedly said. "You're not going to destroy me and you're not going to destroy my family. I don't care how much money you spend, Mr. President, or how dirty the attacks get."

Biden appears to be in a three-way dead heat with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders here in California. So they’re sniffing out endorsements, and District 9 supervisor Hillary Ronen just declared a dual endorsement of both Sanders and Warren. “I refuse to pick one over the other at the moment because both have a good chance of winning and I believe in both of them,” she told the Chronicle.

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Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr