A man who was trafficking in weapons that he purchased in Nevada, where he lived part of the time, and sold via Snapchat in the East Bay, has received an eight-year prison term.

Anthony Reed, 23, was indicted last November along with four other residents of California and Nevada after he and his co-conspirators sold 35 weapons to an undercover federal agent and then attempted to rob that same agent at gunpoint. As SFist earlier reported, Reed's mode of choice for advertising his guns was Snapchat, and he was believed to have sold at least 100 firearms in and around Oakland, many to felons who were not legally allowed to own them.

Among the weapons sold were numerous guns that are illegal in California, like Glock 9mm and .40 caliber pistols, and so-called "assault pistols" like a Zastava AK-style pistol.

Last week, as the East Bay Times reports, Reed was sentenced to eight years in federal prison, and co-defendants James Medeiros, 25, of San Leandro, and Marcos Antonio Martenez, 25, of Oakland each received seven-year terms in the case. A third co-defendant, Benjamin Gormley, received a three-year sentence. All four men were accused of participating in the robbery in which an undercover agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was threatened at gunpoint and robbed of $8,000. The men were arrested on the scene of the robbery along with 20-year-old Jesus Angel Sanchez of Oakland.

In a sentencing memo, assistant U.S. Attorney Samantha Schott wrote, "This conduct was extremely serious: in fact, two of [Reed’s] co-conspirators pointed guns at the victim from at most a few feet away, while stealing from the victim. Other than murder, there can be no more dangerous a crime."

According to federal authorities, per the East Bay Times, Reed regularly purchased guns in the Las Vegas area and then either sold them himself or find co-conspirators to do it for him. Authorities say that in just eight months' time, Reed "flooded the community with guns," many of them illegal and sold to those who should not have them. Furthermore, Schott wrote in her memo, "The defendant was intimately aware of the danger and horrors of gun violence, yet he repeatedly trafficked firearms into Alameda County and provided them for sale to individuals who were prohibited from legally obtaining firearms."

Three more alleged co-conspirators still have their cases unresolved — the brothers Rahsaan and Julaan Faison, along with Sanchez.

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