There have been daily stories for seven straight days about the slew of delays and cancellations at SFO due to the aforementioned runway construction work. Crews at work on rebuilding and repaving Runway 28L have gotten the message and they are reportedly 48 hours ahead of schedule on the project, which was set to be complete by Friday, September 27.

Starting Saturday, September 14, part of the runway in question will reopen, and officials say this should ease the problem with delays. As the Chronicle reports, via airport staff, the intersection of 28L and Runway 1R will reopen for plane traffic on Saturday, meaning that aircraft will be able to use it to take off, and more planes will be able to land on Runway 28R, hopefully easing congestion and lessening cancellations and diversions.

U.S. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-San Mateo) chimed in via email to the Chronicle, saying, "It’s a nightmare for everyone who uses SFO," and saying she was opting to fly into San Jose Thursday night instead, making a five-hour flight a nine-hour flight because of having to change planes in Denver.

Airlines have reduced their flight schedules 13 percent to try to deal with the construction project, and United has been running larger planes (777s) but fewer flights between SFO and LAX to try to accommodate the issue as well. United has also been waiving change fees for SFO passengers wanting to switch flights during this period — which is more than we can say for Alaska Airlines, which is now the second biggest carrier at SFO.

Reportedly, some 2000 flights have been delayed or canceled in the last six days.

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