A big rig carrying hundreds of live chickens crashed into an overpass support on westbound I-80 in San Pablo early Thursday, leading to all westbound lanes being shut down as crews assessed the stability of the overpass. Also, the truck caught fire and many of chickens died in the blaze, leading to a lot of awkward and sad local news broadcasts in front of the mess.

As NBC Bay Area reports, the crash occurred around 3:35 a.m., and the driver of the truck apparently crashed into the San Pablo Dam Road overpass, and then veered back, colliding with a car and coming to a stop at the median. The truck caught fire, and after extinguishing the blaze, engineers were called in to assess "the integrity of the overpass," the station reports, leading to all westbound lanes closing just as the morning rush hour was about to start.

There were reportedly "chickens everywhere" as first responders arrived at the scene, per Bay City News, and the truck was fully engulfed in flames. Both drivers were reportedly OK after the crash, and the driver of the big rig was transported to a hospital with minor injuries.

ABC 7's Amy Hollyfield was at the scene, and had this video after sunrise, with the westbound lanes entirely closed.

Not all of the chickens were killed, and some even ran away and tried to gain their freedom. Some local friends of animals managed to rescue a few saying they are "not gonna be made into a #chickensandwich."