USCF Medical Center at Mission Bay wants to make sure that its staff and patients know when to expect the inevitable traffic nightmares around the Chase Center that are set to begin next month. With that in mind, they have launched a website and email alert system along with a color-coded calendar to warn when to expect major traffic delays.


Many here will remember the lengthy battle between a consortium of wealthy UCSF donors and the Warriors, when they tried taking the Warriors to court multiple times and even tried suing a UCSF Chancellor, all to try to keep what's now known as the Chase Center from being built. Their primary argument was how traffic could impact how easily ambulances could reach the emergency room at the hospital on game and concert nights.

Here's the ominous-looking calendar for September (opening night at the arena is September 6, Chance the Rapper is on the 14th, and Janet will be there on the 21st.):

The city and the developers countered that they had adequate traffic mitigation plans in place, but it's really anybody's guess what the impacts will be over the short and long term. Muni is extending its T-Third platform by the arena and planning to run extra trains, with four trains theoretically able to load and unload at once, and every ticket holder at an event will have free rides on Muni all day. Also, the city spending $2.5 million to staff the area with extra traffic cops and parking enforcers who will make driving that much more unpleasant. But the amount of traffic depends entirely on how many people ignore or don't manage to hear the warnings and decide to hop in Ubers anyway (or drive in from Dublin), — and how many people insist they are too VIP in their own minds to take the train.

As we learned earlier this year, other Mission Bay neighbors are anxious about how street parking will be impacted, but that seems like the least of anyone's concerns right now.

If you live or work in the area and want to receive UCSF's traffic alerts, sign up here.

Fingers crossed that this turns out like that "Carmageddon" faux crisis in LA a few years ago, and everyone just stays home/takes the train?

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