• The Bay Area real estate market has seen a steep decline in home sales, with prices following suit. San Francisco and other Bay Area metropolitans reported underwhelming home sales for June, adding to the Bay Area’s overall slow-selling-and-buying period in real estate for 2019.  [Chronicle]
  • To keep or not to keep SF’s George Washington High School murals. Art and culture critic for the NYT Roberta Smith makes her claim as to why the seven-by-seven shouldn’t erase its painted odes to America’s inaugural, but controversial, president. [New York Times]
  • The owner of the rented Tesla involved in Sunday's fatal SF collision put the car in “Safety Mode,” prior to handing over the card-key. Albert Kim, owner of the rented-out Model 3 — via Getaround — that was involved in the recent fatal pedestrian accident said he put the car in “Safety Mode," which slows the car's neck-snapping acceleration and caps the car's top speed at 75mph, before Kelsey Cambridge got behind the wheel. She’s now in custody for “vehicular manslaughter and running a red light.” [ABC 7]
  • The driver in a Thursday morning hit-and-run that injured four people in the Bayview has surrendered. [CBS SF]
  • Temperatures are expected to rise into the mid-80s, low-90s across the Bay Area this weekend, with the possibility of 100-plus-degree heat hitting East and South Bay cities. [ABC7 / Chronicle]
  • Oakland Chef Rashad Armstead, 31, is enjoying a new wave of fandom after appearing (and winning) on the lauded Food Network program Chopped that aired Friday night.  [KTVU]
  • UC Berkeley got dropped from the prestigious 2019 college rankings by U.S. News & World Report due to some reporting errors from previous years. [Chronicle]
  • Pablo Sandoval helped the Giants win with a homer in extra innings Friday night, and the Giants just made history with the sixth extra-inning game of the last 10. [Examiner]

Photo: Patrick Nouhailler