While testing a fire-suppression system Thursday morning, Muni sprung a leak, flooding its own Embarcadero Station and sending water cascading into the BART station below it.

The accidental indoor waterfall briefly interrupted BART service, and has shut down Muni's Embarcadero Station for the time being, with trains terminating and turning around at Montgomery — and causing some rush-hour backups, with one rider saying it took 35 minutes to get from Church Street to Montgomery. N and T trains are bypassing the station and continuing on to Third Street.

As KTVU reports, workers squeegeeing, mopping, and trying to contain the spillage on the BART platform were all wearing raincoats as water continued to pour down.

Muni says the water problem occurred during "routine testing" overnight.

ABC 7's Alexis Smith and KTVU's Cristina Rendon provide the videos below, showing the water pouring down into the Embarcadero BART station.

BART said that as of 6:50 a.m., the water was "contained to one [side of the] platform" and normal train service had resumed.