Without citing any evidence, proud gay libertarian billionaire and Gawker-killer Peter Thiel went on Tucker Carlson Tonight Monday to accuse Google of conspiring with China, and also to discuss his fears of an Elizabeth Warren presidency.

Was Thiel trying to send a direct message to President Trump via his favorite network? Who knows! But Thiel's comments, which were replayed Tuesday morning on the president's favorite morning show Fox & Friends, elicited a completely predictable and immediate tweet-reaction from Trump praising Thiel as "brilliant," and suggesting that the Trump administration will "take a look" at this accusation.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, Thiel suggested that Chinese intelligence operatives have likely infiltrated Google's Beijing AI lab in order to steal its technology for military purposes. "If you say you’re building a Manhattan Project for AI, don’t you think that would attract the interest of foreign intelligence agents?" Thiel said in the interview with Carlson. He further implied that Google might be in on this somehow, and that the tech giant out to be investigated for treason.

Cue Trump, this morning:

You may recall that Trump had some rage for Google about a year ago, claiming that its search results were rigged against him — because of course the algorithm isn't simply picking up on a majority of news coverage that paints him in a negative light.

Thiel also discussed his fears of Elizabeth Warren as a presidential candidate, saying she was the "most dangerous" of the bunch because "She's the only one that is talking about the economy." It seems like others including Bernie Sanders harp on the same issues of economic inequality, but perhaps this signals that Thiel has written off Bernie as no longer a threat.

Needless to say, Thiel and Trump's ongoing love affair, and this baseless jab at Google, are trending on Twitter.

Photo: Dan Taylor/Wikimedia