• Per usual, city officials are discouraging people from trying to view fireworks from Treasure Island. A) It's going to be foggy and you won't see the fireworks anyway, and B) construction on the island means limited parking along its west side. [CBS SF]
  • The Alameda County Sheriff's Department confiscated 2,300 pounds of illegal fireworks this week. Statewide, authorities have apparently confiscated more than 140,000 pounds of illegal fireworks this year, or $23 million worth. [KTVU]
  • SFO is opening a third staging lot for rideshare drivers on San Bruno Avenue. The lot will double the capacity of two existing staging lots on Millbrae Avenue, to alleviate congestion. [ABC 7]
  • With a tweet, the President sowed chaos again on Wednesday suggesting that his administration was still trying to get the citizenship question on the Census — even though officials had stated a day earlier that they were giving up the fight. It's unclear how they plan to still do this, but the Department of Justice has indicated they may want the Supreme Court to rule again? [New York Times]
  • The State Bar of California has issued a fraud warning about imposters posing as immigration attorneys who are preying on families who fear Trump's deportation threats. The bar suggests checking all attorneys' license numbers on the association's website. [Examiner]
  • A 6.4-magnitude earthquake shook Southern California this morning. [KRON 4]
  • As 4505 Burgers & Barbecue opens in Oakland's Laurel District, the Chronicle points out that one of Oakland's only legacy black-owned barbecue businesses, Everett & Jones, has an outpost at the other end of street in the same neighborhood. [Chronicle]
  • Denver has an exploding population of geese, so the city just rounded up 300 of them, slaughtered them, and fed them to hungry families. [CPR]
  • Anchorage, Alaska may reach 90 degrees for the first time in recorded history this week. [New York Times]

Photo: Rich Hay