A new luxury apartment complex on the border of Dogpatch and Potrero Hill sent out a vaguely offensive marketing mailer with a fill-in-the-blanks line saying, "Tired of stepping in _____, on ______, and over ______ outside your door?"

The mailer is for The Landing, a new development at 1395 22nd Street that is renting one-bedrooms starting at $3,700 and three-bedrooms starting at $7,000, and it was first called out on Twitter by local writer Tara Ramroop. As she put it, "Punching down is tacky and so is this copywriting."

The mailer goes on to say the area is "blissfully debris-free," and says, "A neighborhood apart means that some of the city’s most unsightly (and smelly) sidewalk issues aren’t a problem in Dogpatch." First of all, that's hardly completely true — and Dogpatch isn't "free" of the homeless either, because there's a Navigation Center there. And secondly, that address is arguably in Potrero Hill, as Curbed points out, and on the wrong side of the freeway to be Dogpatch.

But as Curbed also points out, the mailer succeeds in getting away without using the words "poop" or "homeless," but we all know what it's saying.

The handsome, 263-unit complex was designed by Perry Architects, and boasts a half-acre rooftop park. How much you want to bet some residents' dog poop ends up up there?