The building that used to house Streetlight Records at 2350 Market Street, which has undergone a major remodel inside and out over the last several years, is on the market for $3,989,000, and it's a featured property on the Wall Street Journal site today.

Touting it as the former home of "one of the Castro’s most iconic music shops," this two-unit residential building on top of a vacant commercial space last sold to current owner Saudat Nafchi and his wife (who grew up in the neighborhood) for around $1.9 million in 2015 — the same year that Streetlight Records closed. They've since lived with their small child in the top floor unit while renovating it, and now stand to make a decent profit as they move back to Oakland, where they moved from four years ago (though Nafchi estimates that they put about $2 million into the renovations — as everyone in SF real estate knows, asking prices are merely a starting point these days).

The ad makes mention of the home's "most unique feature," which is a front deck on top of the commercial space, which overlooks Market Street — as well as the front door of the nightclub Beaux. Obviously the ad doesn't make a big deal of the fact that Beaux is a seven-day-a-week nightclub and bar.

Photo: MLS/Beyond RE Marketing

Look at that waterfall peninsula and dramatic hood over the range!

There's also an attractive back patio as well...

Photo: MLS/Beyond RE Marketing

The building consists of a 1200-square-foot 3-bedroom unit up top, and a 700-square-foot 2-bedroom unit on the second level, with the 725-square-foot store down below.

Redfin has all the photos, with all the kitchen and bathroom finishes, if you're interested.