While bouncing between events, a rally in Oakland, and the state Democratic party convention in SF over the weekend, Senator Elizabeth Warren stopped in for a Saturday dinner at Ayala, the seafood-focused restaurant in the Hotel G on Geary Street, run by Top Chef alum Melissa Perfit.

The six-month-old restaurant — partly owned by Perfit's former employer Bar Crudo — was proud to host Warren, as Eater SF reports, and as shown on the restaurant's Instagram. And the team says she loved the baby artichokes.

In addition to her big rally in Oakland Friday night, Warren appeared at a MoveOn.org event at the Warfield on Saturday along with fellow 2020 candidates Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris — the same event where an animal rights activist stormed the stage and grabbed the microphone from Harris. We now learn via Slate that the man wanted to discuss some "much bigger idea" than the gender pay gap issue a trio of women was talking about on stage. And because the protester was part of Direct Action Everywhere, the idea had something to do with "support[ing] ordinary citizens rescuing animals rather than the factory farms that abuse animals."

The Democratic candidates are mostly headed out of town, but as we learned earlier, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is scheduled to speak tomorrow (Tuesday) at Manny's Cafe in the Mission. Manny's also plans to host watch parties for the first and second nights of the first Democratic candidate debate, June 26 and 27.

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