It wasn't that long ago that Big Sur hotels and businesses were desperate for tourists to return, after multiple landslide situations in 2017 cut off access to the area from both directions on Highway 1. But now that outsiders have come flooding back in, many of them wanting to take selfies from Big Sur's scenic vistas, one local resident launched an Instagram account solely devoted to shaming tourists who misbehave or otherwise disrespect the landscape.

The account, originally named @bigsurhatesyou, was changed to @bigsureducatesyou, perhaps because of a lot of blowback about its negatively charged tone, and then as of a day or so ago the entire account was abruptly removed. The original name was a riff on @publiclandshateyou, a popular account that does something similar, shaming-wise, for influencers trampling wildflower superblooms and such.

As NBC Bay Area reports, Big Sur Hates/Educates You was anonymously run, and it targeted for shame all those who have posted Instagram photos of themselves in and around Big Sur. The account likes to @-message everyone who lights campfires to tell them to hashtag "#firepermit" in order to make sure people know they can't just light campfires wherever and whenever they like in a notoriously fire-prone region. Other favorite targets include people who pick wildflowers or walk off-trail to take photos among them, and people who take photos of themselves either in the middle of Highway 1, or next to signs warning them not to climb in a particular area.

Perhaps the anonymous Big Sur resident got tired of being called a spoilsport, but they were performing an important public service! Perhaps the account will come back online soon.