A fast-casual spinoff of Michelin-starred Mister Jiu's is in the works and headed possibly by year-end to a former Asian market location at 517 Clement Street.

Mamahuhu is the name, and it's one that chef Brandon Jew used for a one-weekend-only pop-up last year that he did with Shanghainese restaurateurs Anmao Sun and Ben Moore, featuring healthy spins on Chinese dishes, mostly centered around pork. The name means "so-so," and Jiu explained last year that the pop-up was meant to be "a quirky expression of Chinese food that is delicious yet healthful — that you can feel great about eating."

As Eater reports, Jew has been looking to open a second location in his own neighborhood, the Inner Richmond, where he's lived for over a decade in a house that belonged to his grandparents. "The food is a big part of why I’ve loved living there," Jew tells Eater, adding that on his days off he rarely ever leaves the neighborhood.

Expect to see the same level of high-quality ingredients at Jew's acclaimed Chinatown hot spot, with proteins and produce sourced from the same purveyors. And it will be a fast-casual set-up, with takeout and dine-in options, and delivery via Caviar.

Some examples of dishes that were in the pop-up: duck or tofu-topped scallion pancakes, flatbread sandwiches and salads, "Tingly Cabbage Chips," and a twist on the Mister Jiu's black sesame cake for dessert.

Construction has not yet begun, and Jew is using the same design firm that designed Mister Jiu's beautiful dining room, Studio BBA. Expect an opening for Mamahuhu late this year, or early next year.

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