Though not affiliated with HBO, a Game of Thrones-themed pop-up dinner series kicked off last week at 25 Lusk.

Given the ravenous appetite for all things GOT these days, tickets for the dinners all sold out within hours, but you can get on a waitlist (and they're going on through late May).

"Eat like a Stark & Drink like a Lannister!" is the tagline for the event, and the restaurant has evidently imported a 27-foot dragon and a replica Iron Throne for your Instagramming pleasure — simultaneously there is a free Game of Thrones pop-up "experience" with its own Iron Throne that's open every day through June 30 inside 1 Powell Street, and that is HBO-endorsed.

See the full menu for "Taste of Thrones" here, and you can feel free to drop in on 25 Lusk for a drink and a look at the dragon. The offerings include a Wildling turkey drumstick, "broiled oysters from Braavos," and "Ser Davos' Famous Magical Crab."