The Australian DJ arrested last Friday in the bizarre attempted kidnapping of a two-year-old child was reportedly questioned by police in Sydney in late February following another weird incident that also involved a small child.

Perth Now reports that the well known, 34-year-old disc jockey — who goes by the name DJ Roski but whose given name is Roscoe Bradley Holyoake — was the subject of a police call on February 27, after he allegedly asked a resident in a Sydney apartment complex whom he did not know if he could come inside and play with their child.

The resident, disturbed by the request, called the police on Holyoake, and they ended up sending him to a hospital for an evaluation.

As we learned yesterday, Holyoake was known in the gay party scene in Perth, and served on the board of the LGBT Pride celebration in Western Australia called Pride WA. Out In Perth received a statement Tuesday from Pride WA saying that Holyoake had not run for re-election to the board in February, and he was "overseas pursuing his musical career." The organization said, "The current allegations and reported behaviour appear to be very out of character. However we simply do not know enough at this time to provide any further comment."

The article suggests Holyoake had "moved" to the US, although Facebook evidence shows that he was DJing a festival in western Australia as recently as two weeks ago, on April 4.

As Yahoo News Australia reports, Holyoake was the resident DJ at Perth nightclub Connections, and in December he DJ'd the wrap party for singer-songwriter (and Mathilda composer) Tim Minchin’s new mini-series Upright.

On April 12, around 12:30 p.m., Holyoake is accused of snatching a two-year-old boy who was walking just feet from his mother near the intersection of Castro, Market, and 17th Streets. Bystanders heard the woman scream for help, and several men chased Holyoake, who reportedly only made it a half block before dropping the boy, "smiling" at his pursuers, and sprinting away down 17th Street toward Noe. Several men cornered and detained Holyoake on Noe Street until police could arrive minutes later. The Examiner published a photo and video of the arrest.

Holyoake remains in custody on $700,000 bail, and as SFGate reports, he is scheduled to appear in court again next Thursday.

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Photo: Facebook