With the help of her attorney, former SF Supervisor Angela Alioto, Florence Fang is doubling down in her fight against the town of Hillsborough with a lawsuit of her own.

Holding a press conference Thursday outside the iconic "Flintstones House" that she owns, Fang and Alioto told reporters that in addition to rejecting the town's lawsuit seeking to get Fang to clear the "eyesores" of her dinosaur lawn ornaments and un-permitted yard improvements, they're claiming the town is harassing Fang after she's complied with its previous requests.

Just to back up, Hillsborough claims that after purchasing the quirky, as-seen-from-I-280 house at 45 Berryessa Way in 2017, she began making a series of improvements, including a retaining wall, gates, and stairways in the rear yard that lack railings, for which she did not seek building permits or planning approvals. After Fang added the large dinosaur statuary, as well as a sign at the front of the house that says "Yabba Dabba Do!", the Administrative Hearing Panel of Hillsborough declared last fall that the property had become a "public nuisance," and said the the lawn ornaments are "a highly visible eyesore" that are "out of keeping with community standards." For her offense, Fang was fined $200, which she paid.

But further failure to remove any of her decorations and other improvements led the Hillsborough City Attorney's office to file a lawsuit against Fang in early March.

Fang retained Alioto's services a couple weeks later, and now, as NBC Bay Area reports, Alioto asked reporters rhetorically, "Is it really about a dinosaur? Is it really about that? Or is it about treating Mrs. Fang differently because she has a dream?"

Fang, who was also flanked by the original architect of the house, William Nicholson, told reporters, "I want everyone to know that I am a good Hillsborough resident. I get a long with all [my] neighbors."

Fang said further, "All I want is a peaceful, happy retired life," and she added, with regard to the nature of this legal battle, "Nobody can fool the public."

This was Fang's first public appearance and on-the-record statement to the press since the controversy was reported last month.

Alioto has previously said that Hillsborough's legal action amounted to "intolerance and elitist behavior," and it's unconstitutional.

As we learned last week, the Flintstones House is not Fang's primary residence. She purchased it as a party and event space, and as her "happy place," but she resides primarily in another home in Hillsborough.

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