Much loved Tenderloin dive bar Edinburgh Castle Pub has been struggling, and the owner now says he's ready to sell.

San Francisco could be losing another of its well worn dives as Edinburgh Castle on Geary Street has hit the market for $3.995 million.

SF Weekly reports via owner Tay Kim that he's been dealing with some health issues and he says "business has been slow." Kim has owned the bar since 1999, and started working there as a waiter in 1994 when his cousins were the owners.

Kim further says that the neighborhood is now home to a "Different crowd. Not a drinking one." He adds, "The recent ‘tech’ transplants are not drinkers or social."

Edinburgh Castle has been known over the years as a venue for live music, as well as pub trivia nights, readings, and plenty of other parties. As Eater notes, it opened way back in 1959 and has had a literary bent over the years, at one point being a favorite hangout of Scottish writer Irvine Welsh of Trainspotting fame.

Socketsite reports that the property is zoned for 80 feet in height, and the price tag reflects the development opportunity here, i.e. condos.

But, as Eater points out, the pub itself could very well stay open for a while — the way things move in this town, even if it sold tomorrow, a developer will be spending a few years getting whatever they want to do designed and permitted.

Along with the closing of Divas nearby, this is yet another sign o' the times in the 'Loin. Sigh.