Angel Anderson, 36, has been identified by the SFPD as the second suspect in the gruesome murder and dismemberment of 23-year-old George Randall-Saldivar in early February.

Anderson was arraigned Friday, and as CBS SF reports, she told the judge that she wanted to decline legal representation, and said, "I just want to plead guilty and move on with my life. I don’t want to enter a plea of not guilty because I’m not."

At the urging of public defenders, however, Anderson ultimately entered a plea of not guilty, and her arraignment was continued to Monday.

As we reported earlier, Randall-Saldivar was tortured, drugged, hanged, strangled, and ultimately dismembered and put into a suitcase in a room at the Donnelly Hotel at 1272 Market Street, sometime between February 3rd and February 5th. The initial suspect in the case, 47-year-old Gerald Rowe, was arrested first and pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on Wednesday, as the Examiner reported.

According to police, via some (surveillance?) video that apparently captured the entire ordeal, Randall-Saldivar engaged in consensual sex with Rowe and Anderson on the day of his murder. He was then bound to a chair at some point and a plastic bag was placed over his head, allegedly by Anderson. At some point Rowe left the room and returned with some drugs, identified as fentanyl, which he allegedly handed to Anderson, and which Anderson allegedly injected into Randall-Saldivar. Rowe and Anderson then reportedly tied a rope around Randall-Saldivar's neck, hoisted and hanged him from a stationary object.

Prosecutors say that Rowe and Anderson then stuffed Randall-Saldivar's body into a suitcase, and left it in the room for over a day, during which time "Rowe ate food and played a guitar over the suitcase." The pair then allegedly rolled the suitcase out of the room together and transported it down Market Street, ultimately to The Embarcadero at Howard Street, where it was hurled into the Bay along with some clothing.

Randall-Saldivar's body, inside the suitcase, was found on February 18.

The case has some unsettling similarities to another case of a male victim found in a suitcase in SoMa in January 2015. In that case, the victim, 58-year-old Omar Shahwan, was believed to have been killed by friend Mark Andrus in a Tenderloin hotel. Not long after, Andrus himself died.

The Chronicle has confirmed that Randall-Saldivar is the same person who was profiled by the Bay Area Reporter in 2006 as the happily adopted 10-year-old son of two gay dads. He was found wandering the streets of Chinatown two years earlier, at the age of 8, when his mother was unable to take care of him, and after being placed in the foster system, was adopted by Christopher Saldivar and Mark Randall. Per the Chronicle, "Sure, he acted out at times, but the new routine put him on the path he always needed. He later graduated from high school and began taking classes at City College."

Former supervisor and BART board president Bevan Dufty, who is a family friend, tells the paper, "[George] was a very gracious and kind person — even in trying circumstances. All of us who know him have admiration for his parents and are devastated at the loss they’re experiencing.”

Randall-Saldivar had been a client at Larkin Street Youth Services, and was recently living in one of their housing units in the Tenderloin.

It's unclear how authorities were led to Anderson after Randall-Saldivar's body was recovered, but Bay City News reports that police in Sacramento interviewed Anderson not long after, and she confessed to the crime and implicated Rowe, who was a resident of the Donnelly Hotel.

Rowe and Anderson will be co-defendants in the upcoming trial, and will both reappear in court next week.

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