Good morning, San Francisco. Here are some news items to start the day:

The teachers strike in Oakland is entering a second day after the school district offered an 8% raise, and the teachers' union refused. The union has demanded a 12% raise over three years, and they return to the bargaining table this morning. [East Bay Times / ABC 7]

Southwest Airlines canceled more than 400 flights and delayed 1,000 others on Thursday due to winter storms and a labor dispute with a mechanics' union. The company has declared an "operational emergency" and ordered all maintenance staff to show up to work. [CBS SF]

It snowed in Los Angeles Thursday for the first time since 1962. Due to a particularly cold storm system that had migrated down from Canada, "Snow fell in Malibu, Pasadena, West Hollywood, Northridge, San Bernardino, Thousand Oaks and other unexpected places." [LA Times]

SF-based food-delivery startup DoorDash just raised $400 million, upping its valuation to $7.1 billion — or twice what it was six month ago. In January, the delivery app became the first in the space to operate in all 50 states, a total of 3,300 cities. [SF Business Times]

Can President Trump effectively cancel almost a $1 billion in federal grants for the high-speed rail project? The answer is complicated, and nothing like it has ever happened. [Examiner]

– A bunch of new proposed land use rules for unincorporated parts of Napa County has residents itching for a fight. [CBS SF]

– Sen. Kamala Harris tried on a loud, vintage, rainbow sequined jacket while on the campaign trail in South Carolina, and a bunch of male journalists went nuts about the fact that this event was receiving media coverage. [LA Times]

– A Russian Hill townhouse that last sold for $3.2 million in 2016 has just seen a price reduction to $2.695 million, meaning a potential depreciation of 15.8%. [Socketsite]

– A plan to reroute the Great Highway, and first to remove two southbound lanes between Sloat and Skyline, was unanimously approved by Planning. [SF Weekly]

Photo: Oakland_Educators/Twitter