We hate to beleaguer a point as much as anybody else, but one thing SFist takes seriously is proper public transportation etiquette and rules. You see, when you don't follow even the most basic rules, you get something like these 200 busted BART cars, all of which were taken out of service in the course of one month. NBC Bay Area spoke with BART's communications officer, Chris Filippi, who said:

What we’re hoping is that people keep in mind, if they’re stuck in our door or they force a door open, that that’s going to have a long-term impact that literally is going to impact the time of thousands of people. It's going to take one of our cars out of service unnecessarily. It's going to create a more crowded environment. These are all bad things we're trying to avoid.

Hey — it's beyond frustrating to get to the bottom of the stairs or escalator only to hear that fateful tone that tells you the doors are closing on your train. There's a sinking feeling that comes over all of us when that happens, prompted by a fight-or-flight response, only in this case, it might be more appropriate to call it the "fight-a-door-or-wait-20-minutes" response. But honestly, that pales in comparison to the embarrassment that comes with being that person who just delayed everybody on the train because you just won a fight with a BART car door. And yes, everybody is looking at you when you do it. So just don't.

Oh, and while we're at it: take your backpack off. That tip's a freebie, and your ribs can thank me when you miss getting elbowed by an elderly person you accidentally nudged with your monster Chrome bag full of who knows what.

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