In timing that couldn't possibly be worse, a San Francisco sushi restaurant has been forced to close for the rest of the year just days after receiving its first Michelin star.

The restaurant in question is Kinjo, which opened earlier this year at 2206 Polk Street. An omakase restaurant from former Sushi Ran chef Takatoshi Toshi, as reported in January the place sported a $120 tasting menu focusing on the Edomae style of sushi, which simply means the original, unadorned style of nigiri — raw fish over sushi rice — with no adornments or additives beside vinegar and salt.

Earlier this week, Kinjo was awarded its first Michelin star, typically a boon for any restaurant's business. But that business will have to wait, as Tablehopper has word that "severe water damage from a flood (from an apartment neighbor above)" has caused the restaurant to close its doors until at least January 15 for repairs, though "it will possibly be even later."

Speaking with Eater SF, Kinjo partner Ryan Wong says that “We’re still under construction and we don’t have an [exact] timeframe for reopening," following a flood that happened on September 2.

“It is what it is...We’re trying to work it out as soon as possible to reopen.”

Until then, Tablehopper directs fans toward "their sister restaurants Ijji SF, Saru Sushi Bar, and Seiya Restaurant in San Carlos." But for now, the newly-starred Kinjo will remain dark.

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