A 45-year-old man was fatally struck by a driver Halloween night, killed as he walked across Sloat Boulevard in San Francisco's Parkside neighborhood.

According to San Francisco Police Department Sergeant Michael Andraychak, the collision occurred at 8:10 Tuesday night.

Andraychak says that the victim, who has yet to be publicly identified by the San Francisco Medical Examiner's office, was crossing Sloat Boulevard at 36th Avenue when a 75-year-old male driver who was traveling east on Sloat struck him.

The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene, Andraychak says.

The driver, who remained at the scene, was not arrested, an SFPD report indicates. According to Andraychak, the crash is being investigated by the SFPD Traffic Collision Investigation Unit and the SFPD Traffic Company.

Less than three weeks ago, another pedestrian was killed while crossing a San Francisco street: On October 4, a driver at the intersection of Fell and Baker Streets allegedly "floored it" when her traffic signal turned green, slamming into 90-year-old David Grinberg while he was still in the crosswalk. As of publication time, police had not released further information on that collision, nor have they announced any charges for the driver in that case.

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