Two Bay Area Uber drivers have been shot in recent days, one the victim of an attempted robbery and the other while shuttling passengers from San Francisco International Airport.

The first such shooting occurred at around 8:52 p.m. Saturday night, CBS 5 reports, near the intersection of Laguna and Clay Streets in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood.

According to ABC 7, "Police on the scene wouldn't confirm the victim was an Uber driver, but we can see his Uber sticker on the back of white vehicle." They say that the male victim was shot during an attempted robbery. CBS 5 reports that the driver received "a non-life threatening leg wound" in the incident, and was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

Police are seeking two suspects in the shooting, Bay City News reports. As of publication time, no description of either suspect was made publicly available.

The second shooting happened at around 11:10 p.m. Sunday night, on Interstate 380 near San Bruno. In that case, ABC 7 reports, an Uber driver had "picked up two passengers at the airport." Shortly after he got on 380 headed west, "people in another car pulled up and started shooting."

According to the Chron, the male driver of the Uber vehicle, a black Toyota Corolla, was shot in the neck in the attack. He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital, KRON 4 reports, and is expected to survive.

His two passengers escaped unharmed, ABC 7 reports.

Speaking with NBC Bay Area, California Highway Patrol spokesperson Vu Williams says that the Corolla "was found next to the center divider in the westbound direction near El Camino Real 'with several what looked to be like bullet holes.'"

ABC 7 reports that "Another black car, that looked similar to the Uber driver's black Toyota Corolla, was also shot multiple times," with NBC noting that the second car had apparent bullet holes in its "windshield and rear view mirror."

However, "The people inside that car ran away before police arrived at the scene," ABC 7 reports.

Westbound 380 was closed for nearly five hours as police investigated the shooting, a crime scene that "stretched nearly a mile long," ABC 7 reports. As of Monday morning, KRON 4 reports, no suspects have been identified, no motive has been revealed, and no arrests been made in the case.

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