After last week's refreshing rainfall, the Bay Area looks like it's headed right back to warmer temperatures.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service predict that a "summer-like" heat will be returning, with temperatures going as high as 15 to 20 degrees above average for this season, reports NBC Bay Area. According to KRON 4, the average temperatures for this time of year lie somewhere between the 60s and 70s. This quick heat wave should (according to forecasts) mostly only affect temperatures today and tomorrow, with temperatures falling later on in the week.

In San Francisco, temperatures are expected to break 80 degrees by Tuesday. Farther inland, Concord is expected to reach about 90 degrees, and down in Santa Cruz, they're looking at a forecast in the area of the low-90s in the same amount of time.

This is especially worrying for parts of the North Bay, as the temperature in Santa Rosa is expected to climb above 90 degrees, according to the NWS. The rain from last week brought a bit of relief to fire crews still working to contain the wildfires in the form of some increased humidity, which can slow the rate at which the fires can spread.

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