The Hall, which shuttered just a few weeks ago, is currently slated for demolition early next year, but in the meantime, its developer is hoping to make some money on the empty space by offering up its walls to both professional and wannabe graffiti artists.

Hoodline has the story, and they say that War Horse LLC and Tidewater Capital — the building's current owners — partnered with Cameron Moberg, a graffiti artist otherwise known as Camer1, to create a unique art event space in the Hall called The Canvas. The idea is that people can pay to bring a group of friends or co-workers in to paint on The Canvas' interior walls with spray paint, with the goal of hopefully increasing appreciation for graffiti art and culture — and making some money on that idea isn't so much of a bad thing, either, it seems.

Moberg told Hoodline that he grew up on 6th Street, and that his early interest in the art form grew into a full-blown passion. The bio on his website says he still lives in the city, and that he teaches art classes for all ages. He met Tidewater Capital founder Craig Young at the Hall, and they came up with the spray-paint reservation idea together. Young said, "The idea came together as part of our process to source concepts with our community partners." Moberg also said that he hopes to promote a greater appreciation for graffiti as an art form, and that by putting spray paint cans in everybody's hands, they'll understand the kind of work that goes into creating public art like that.

It would work like this: groups can make a reservation, with the price point changing depending on how many folks you'd like to invite. Hoodline says that team-building groups of 20 or more are $75 per person, and celebrations for 15 to 50 people are $30 per hour, per person. You'd also get a chance to take home your designs on t-shirts, tote bags, or other merch for an additional fee.

If this seems like the kind of thing you and your friends (or your company) would be into, The Canvas is currently taking reservations on their website.

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