Two students at an East Bay Catholic high school have been expelled following a racially charged incident involving slurs directed at "one specific group," reports KRON 4. According to a statement from administrative officials at Moreau Catholic High School, a student "created a list of racial slurs, and another student started to read some of them aloud in a classroom."

Though both students were ultimately expelled, parents at the school expressed worry over how it took the school a few days to carry out the expulsion. By KRON 4's timeline of events, the incident happened on Monday, and one of the students was still present at school that Wednesday. By Thursday, they were both gone. The school touched on this in their statement, writing:

"... the further harm caused by the delay in the decision-making process and communication to our parents and students has led to increased hurt, anxiety, and stress for the members of our Moreau Catholic family. As a school community, we sincerely apologize for the hurt and pain our student body, faculty, and families are experiencing. Our administration recognizes that this process could have and should have been conducted in a more timely manner, and with better communication to our students and parents."

Additionally, they wrote that they were setting aside classes today, Friday, "to ensure that our students have the space to process how they are feeling, share what they are seeing in their own experiences on campus."

This follows another incident at Berkeley High School, where administrators were conducting an investigation into a racist, student-run Instagram account that targeted students at the school. Before that, one teen at Albany High was expelled for running a similar account that had also targeted students at that school. Another group of 13 teenagers who "liked" and commented on the photos were also reprimanded, and in response, those teenagers sued the Albany Unified School District for infringing upon their First Amendment rights. The teenagers' attorney, Alan Beck, said at the time, "This to me is no different than having a private drawing book and making some offensive drawings at home and sharing them with a couple of my friends. Does the school have the right to ruin my life over something I was doing at my house?"

NBC Bay Area says that a photo of the the full list of slurs created by the former Moreau High students can be found on the Samuel Merritt University Office of Diversity & Inclusion Facebook.

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