After pledging aid on behalf of the federal government to California Governor Jerry Brown, ABC 7 reports that Trump has yet to make any plans to visit any of the areas in Northern California that have been ravaged by wildfire. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that a visit isn't "planned at this time but it certainly hasn't been ruled out either." She reiterates their promise of aid, though, saying that the White House "has been very engaged throughout this process. We're going to continue to be there."

Trump's absence is certainly conspicuous, as he's made a number of headlines recently for the botched optics and response to Puerto Rico's recent calls for aid after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Rather than just pledging aid to Puerto Rico and offering words of support -- like any other head of state would do — Trump chose to pick a Twitter fight with the mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, shaming her requests for aid and the criticisms she had for how the federal government has been handling the disaster. CNN wrote that Trump's lack of empathy for Puerto Rico is "staggering," as he seems to be more interested in tweeting about athletes protesting than he is about calling for aid for Puerto Rico.

SFGate decided to do a deep dive into the tweets Trump has post in the ten days since the fires broke out early last week, and what they turned up was all-too-unsurprising for anybody who's spent any time on the internet within the past year. They found that he had tweeted a total of 82 times between October 8th and today, and none of those tweets mentioned anything about the wildfires, which took the lives of at least 42 Americans. For someone who touted his Twitter savviness as a way he would "connect with the people," this silence on his platform-of-choice is deafening.

Today, though, Trump did tweet words of support for the fire crews and officials still working around the clock to battle the wildfires. He quote-tweeted a photo from a FEMA official on the ground, which shows first responders and fire crews working in one of the burned out areas. He wrote, "Our hearts are with all affected by the wildfires in California. God bless our brave First Responders and @FEMA team. We support you!"

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