Agent of Connection from Ivan Cash on Vimeo.

Laughing Squid spotted this very well-made short film which focuses on BART agent William Cromartie, who says he personally greets 4,000 commuters every day at work.

The short film is gorgeously shot, with drone footage interspersed throughout. Cromartie's voice is the only one you hear, aside from passing traffic in the BART station where the film was shot, which looks to be MacArthur Station in Oakland. As he explains in the video, Cromartie drives to work two hours each day, as he chose to move to a farther neighborhood 18 years ago so that his daughter could go to a better school. Despite that commute, Cromartie says that his job as a station agent is "something I was born to do."

Cromartie also opened up about growing up as a quiet, shy kid who had a speech impediment, which made him feel like an observer. Because of that isolation, Cromartie makes it a point to get out of the ubiquitous station agent booth to greet everybody who passes by the ticket gate on their way out of the station. He's shown offering handshakes and fist bumps to everyone, and even offers hugs to those he recognizes as regular passers-by.

At three minutes and forty-one seconds, the film is brief, but it's likely just enough to brighten your day. Seeing as how we live in a world where existential dread lurks around every corner, it's nice to take some time and listen to a heartwarming story about a guy who not only loves what he does, but spends his day trying to spread that love, one fist-bump at a time.

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