Good old Valencia Street brunch stalwart Boogaloos, which got hit with a massive rent hike two years ago and then a minor fire that shut the place down, seemingly for good, a year ago last March. But now as Mission Local reports, co-owner Carolyn Blair Brandeis, who co-founded Boogaloos in 1994 with Philip Bellber, has announced that Boogaloos will reopen in January, and this is in part thanks to a new lease from the same property manager who tried to quadruple the restaurant's rent two years back.

That property manager, J.J. Panzer, tells Mission Local, "I got sidetracked thinking about all kinds of different things: ‘Oh, the Mission and Valencia are going in this direction; everything’s blowing up! But then you realize, you know, let’s go back to the core of what you want to have there."

The restaurant's former rent was $4,200 a month, and Panzer has come back with a new lease for $7,500 a month, which Brandeis calls "more than fair."

So, back will come the biscuits and herb gravy, and that Temple o' Spuds — kind of like nachos but with hash brown potatoes. And the corner of Valencia and 22nd will be dark no more, at least during brunch and lunch hours — as before, Boogaloos will not be in the dinner business.

Boogaloos - 3296 22nd Street at Valencia - Reopening, hopefully, in January