More video has emerged over the past few days, and just in the last 24 hours, showing both the early and current stages of the fires that are ravaging wine country as we speak, and the remaining wastelands they left in their wake.

Above is CHP footage and below is Sonoma County Sheriff's helicopter footage of the intense Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa in the early morning hours of Monday, as seen from above. As we've learned since, whether the causes related to downed or sparking power lines or there were other factors involved, the little known and somewhat uncommon Diablo winds are clearly to blame for how big and how fast these fires became. A new piece in the Chronicle describes the first hours of the Tubbs Fire, and how communities in Santa Rosa are still sorting out what happened and why residents had so little warning before having to escape — which was complicated by the late-night hour, downed cell towers, and the extreme speed and unpredictability of the fire. (The death toll stands at 17 as of Wednesday morning, and is likely to continue rising.)

Drone video from after daylight Monday morning show buildings still smoldering and fire crews attempting to put out several fires in Santa Rosa.

The video below, shot by two guys who woke up outside the perimeter of the fire in Santa Rosa and drove around looking at the destruction, includes footage of a gun store (around the 8:27 mark and after) where bullets were exploding after the building burned to the ground.

From just last night, Tuesday, we have this video of a Sonoma County Sheriff's deputy driving through the heart of the Tubbs Fire where it was spreading, up Franz Valley Road and into Calistoga, across the Napa County line.

Also from last night, here is video of the woods burning in the Nuns Fire on Mt. Vedeer Road, on the Napa side of the ridge where the fire began early Monday.

The video below was only uploaded today by the Berkeley Fire Department as they were battling a blaze somewhere in Santa Rosa.

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In the aftermath, the SF Business Times brings us this montage of mostly drone footage of Santa Rosa, and the burned areas around Coffey Park and the Fountaingrove neighborhood, including the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country hotel, which was completely destroyed.

One Santa Rosa family, the Birdsalls, who has this crowdfunding drive to help them get back on their feet and replace a destroyed vehicle that is key to their business, posted the video below, with the father narrating, "This was my house." Other campaigns by families like theirs can be found here.

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