Funny or Die and Silicon Valley joined forces to stick it to Apple last week with a video poking fun at their surprise announcement of the iPhone X (pronounced "ten" because God help you if it sounds like you're saying "Moto X").

Of course, "poking fun" might be a little strong, because really, this video (which comes to us by way of Laughing Squid) is just made up completely of clever edits and repeated scenes. In it, the characters of Silicon Valley are all settling in to watch Apple's announcement, with each of them having some decidedly varied reactions to the weird technical issues and quirky features they showed off during the presentation. They all provide some short commentary on the things going on, actually just letting the ridiculousness of the presentation highlight itself.

Take, for example, when Craig Federighi couldn't quite unlock the iPhone X with FaceID, Apple's brand new security unlock feature. It only took a second in real life for him to run into an issue (it wouldn't unlock) and thus flip over to a backup iPhone X which worked fine. Here, though, they repeat the scene, kind of making Federighi sound like that one friend you have who keeps buying all the cool new tech to show off its features but can never really explain what happens when it goes wrong so they just keep trying to do the thing to no avail. The moment of realization that something had gone wrong during the live event was pretty wild in and of itself, but here, it's just taken to a new level with some clever repeats.

You've also go Richard, Gillfoyle, Erlich, Dinesh, and Jared all gathered at the table to watch online, and man, the snark is palpable. I'm saying, you could just taste it. Like, for dinner. Because they were at a dinner table. Get it? Anyway. I think that their reactions to Apple's new Animoji were actually also just about everybody else's reactions, too. The video really hits its climax when it showed Federighi demonstrating the Animoji by making animal noises for a chicken and a unicorn, with the latter inspiring some particularly hilarious horse noises. They get that kind of wild eyed "what the hell just happened here" look in their faces, and it gets so bad that Richard had to just straight up leave the room.

It's a pretty fun look at the spectacle of tech announcements, and honestly, the best thing of all is that it really does just let the ridiculousness of the moment stand on its own. That's clever.

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