Folks commuting over the Bay Bridge this morning were greeted with a billboard calling for Donald Trump's impeachment. NBC Bay Area says that the billboard was funded by a group called The Courage Campaign, who, according to their website, "[fight] for a more progressive California and country."

The group shared a statement with KRON 4 and the Chronicle, shedding some light on why they placed the billboard and list what they believe to be solid grounds for impeachment. They write:

The billboard effort comes on the heels of accusations of Trump violating the Constitution, attempting to obstruct an investigation into potential wrongdoing by his presidential campaign, refusing to divest from his businesses, publicly supporting white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, and recent decisions to eliminate DACA protections for more than 800,000 young immigrants.

They also say that funding for the billboard was raised through donations from private California citizens.

As their petition points out, the Republican Party seems either uninterested in or downright supportive of Trump and his administration. "So far, only a small handful of Democrats — and no Republicans — have publicly called for impeachment," the petition reads. The latest Democrat to speak out did so in July, when Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA) formally introduced an article of impeachment against Trump. The Atlantic pointed out that this bid was "virtually guaranteed to go nowhere," disappointingly enough, but it did keep the conversation around impeachment alive at the very least.

Before that, in May, Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) introduced legislation calling on Congress to step up and begin impeachment proceedings. That resolution joined other largely ceremonial ones passed in the cities of Berkeley, Richmond, and Alameda. Then, Low told CBS 5, "When taking a look at this issue and focusing on precedent there is there’s historical context to this. We cannot wait any longer for an additional shoe to drop so we need to take affirmative action."

That sentiment may prove to be a bit ominous if that other shoe turns out to be North Korea. As the Agence France-Presse reported on Twitter today, tensions between North Korea and the U.S. have escalated, following Trump's U.N. debacle.

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